Our 3 best-sellers in 2020

Integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) in business operations for maintenance, monitoring and remote operation has increased substantially over the past few years. At Temperature Monitor Solutions Africa, our range of devices serve various needs in the industrial and business sectors, from indicators to data loggers to real-time monitoring, all to help companies boost operational efficiency and overall productivity.

Read on to discover which devices were our best-sellers in 2020, and what makes them stand out.




No. 1 Best seller for 2020: Timestrip TP 065

Manufactured by Timestrip Ltd. at their facility in Israel, the TP 065 indicates ascending temperature excursions above 8°C. It is used in the pharmaceutical industry during the distribution of cold chain products and is a simple, low-cost, high-quality solution to ensure that valuable medication is not compromised during transportation. This device is small and self-adhesive, which allows it to be attached directly to various surfaces, and can be stored at room temperature and then activated without pre-conditioning. View the Timestrip TP 065 here: https://bit.ly/3qcPgzI

No. 2 best seller for 2020: Tempsen ITAG 3 PRO


Manufactured by the ultra-professional Tempsen Electronics Company in Shanghai, China, the ITAG 3 PRO is our entry-level single-use temperature data logger. With settings customisable to user requirements, the ITAG 3 PRO is commonly used by our clients when shipping pharmaceuticals, fruit and seafood, to ensure that the quality of these essential products is maintained during distribution. This waterproof device has a built-in USB plug and food-safety grade packaging. View the Tempsen ITAG 3 PRO here: https://bit.ly/36izyuX

No. 3 best seller for 2020: Berlinger Fridge Tag 2

Nothing beats Swiss precision, and our stalwart from Berlinger AG in Ganterschwil, Switzerland, is the ultra-consistent Fridge Tag 2. Used predominantly in the Government sector, we are proud to say that all vaccines in Community Health Centres in the Western Cape, KZN, Gauteng, North West and the Free State provinces are monitored by the Fridge Tag 2  ensuring that vaccines are safe to administer to those living in both rural and urban communities of our country. This device displays the minimum and maximum logged temperature from the past 30 days, as well as the time duration of any violations. View the Berlinger Fridge Tag 2 here: https://bit.ly/2VimYpm

Technology has advanced to such a stage that you can now simply and easily monitor all temperature-sensitive areas of your business operations. Rest assured that you will be alerted immediately if anything goes wrong, regardless of how far away you are. Sharpen your organisation’s senses with our range of quality monitors and make better data-driven decisions to optimise your operations.