Client Case Study: RKD Engineering

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Located in Benoni, Gauteng and Steelpoort in Limpopo, RKD Engineering operates in the mining and engineering industries. They specialise in the manufacturing and repairing of mining and industrial gearboxes, general machining and fabrication. We have supplied RKD Engineering with Temperature Monitoring Solutions since August 2019.


“Temperature Monitor Solutions Africa gives a great, fast, efficient and friendly service. Thank you for making every interaction a convenient and professional one, from the moment that we place our order, to the moment it is delivered.” – RKD Engineering.

RKD Engineering use Thermax Temperature Strips on sub-assembly components (Axles, Centre Portions, Transmissions) of mining machines. This allows their customers and themselves better monitoring of the components’ temperatures during usage and helps with maintenance.

Temperature monitoring devices are extremely valuable in the mining industry, as they can inform us when mining equipment or machinery has encountered a hazardous environment by indicating sudden temperature changes.

Above this, consistent monitoring of the temperatures encountered by mining machinery and equipment helps companies to make better data-informed decisions regarding the maintenance and longevity of their machinery.

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