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Timestrip is used for monitoring temperatures of products during distribution, whilst the Berlinger Fridge Tag 2 (USB) and the Fridge Tag (standard) are used for monitoring temperatures in vaccine fridges. The Berlinger Freeze Tag can be used both for distribution and stationery applications.

Timestrip products are also single-use, whilst the Fridge Tag (standard), the Fridge Tag 2 (USB) and the Freeze Tag are used on a continuous basis over their operating life of 3 years, 2 years or 5 years.

Devices are normally calibrated on an annual basis.

Timestrip Products

Timestrip are suitable for many situations when elevated temperatures can create problems for a product. Common applications are frozen or chilled foods, medicines, vaccines, blood products, adhesives and chemicals. Which Timestrip product to choose will depend on the threshold temperature of your product.

A simple one-step process will activate your Timestrip. These details are indicated on the back of each pack of 100 units.

No. Timestrip do not require pre-conditioning. You need to activate ABOVE the product’s threshold temperature, as you cannot squeeze the dye out of the blister if it is in solid form. Immediately after activation, stop the progress of the dye by placing the indicator below its STOP temperature. The STOP temperature for your Timestrip product will be indicated on the instruction insert in the package.

Timestrip has a shelf-life of 2 years. The batch number and expiry date are indicated on each pack of 100 units.
Timestrip can be stored, inert, at ambient temperatures and activated only when needed.

Yes, only food-grade oils are used.

No, the Timestrip is not waterproof.

Berlinger Products

Berlinger Fridge Tag 2 (USB)

The Quick Info Setup guide is user-friendly, easy to follow and available here.
The operating lifetime is up to 3 years, depending on use. A low battery condition is indicated by the sign LOW BATT on the bottom left of the screen. The device will need to be replaced within one month of the LOW BATT indicator appearing.

The recordings can be read in two ways:

  • The previous 30 days’ recordings can be read directly from the screen.
  • The last 60 days’ recordings can be seen in a PDF report using the USB cable connecting to a PC or Mac.
No, no software is needed to read the recordings. As soon as the Fridge-tag 2 (USB) is connected to a PC or Mac it will automatically generate a PDF- and ASCII-file.
A virus cannot interfere with the Fridge Tag 2 (USB) as you cannot write to the device’s operating system.
Yes, you can read the device using a special dongle called a USD on the go. The report will be created, stored if you wish and also forwarded through e-mail or any of the other social media means.

The word LOC will be displayed on the screen during read-out either upon plugging into a PC or Mac via USB or when you are doing a manual read-out. During read-out the Fridge Tag will stop recording temperatures, so that no false readings occur.

If you are doing a manual read-out and have not pressed the READ button for the past 30 seconds, the word ‘LOC’ will be displayed indicating that in the next 10 minutes the Fridge Tag 2 (USB) will start recordings again. If you have finished with the read-out you may return your Fridge Tag 2 (USB) to the fridge. If you are still busy with the read-out, simply press the READ button again and continue with your read-out.

Every Fridge-tag 2 (USB) is accompanied by a validation certificate, which verifies its proper function and its accuracy of measurement (+/- 0.5 °C).
No. The Fridge Tag 2 (USB) is specially designed to monitor the temperature inside the vaccine fridge. It is intended for stationery purposes only.

Berlinger Freeze Tag

The Freeze Tag is activated upon arrival and this can be observed by a √ which appears on the display. No activation is therefore necessary.
Because the Freeze Tag is active, it should be stored at temperatures above 4°C.

It has an accuracy of 0.3C.

Ikhaya Automation Systems Products

WIFI Logger

Yes, it is ICASA approved. Approval no: TA2018/2266

The device can connect over Wifi only, using standard 802.11 b/g/n.

The range of the device is 50m-100m depending on the line of site.

Yes, the logger has a built-in battery to record when external power is off.


Yes, the device is ICASA approved. Approval no: TA-2018/2266

Yes, the device is WHO approved. Approval no: PQSE006

The battery has an operating life of 5 years.

Log in to for configuration and reports.

Yes, the logger has a built-in battery to record when external power is off.

Tempsen Products


All Tempod devices use a 3V CR2450 battery.

The Tempod devices can be configured via either an online utility or the offline, TempCentre software. The online utility has an extra step to download the configuration file, whereas the software automatically configures the device with your settings.