A simple guide to our product categories: time indicators

We aim to offer expert advice to the businesses we support. Our team is available to listen to your specific business needs, and then suggest the devices which offer the best match for your requirements. We hope that every company leaves their interaction with us equipped with the right technology for their business, and a clear understanding of why we’ve suggested that route.

This latest blog series, explaining each of our product categories, is an extension of this consultation and information service, and seeks to empower all businesses with monitoring needs. In this article we will demystify time indicators as well as a combination of temperature and time indicator items; and in previous posts you can learn more about thermometers and temperature indicators

We believe that simplicity amidst complexity is key for success. It’s our job to decode the regulations, understand the challenges your business faces, and offer the appropriate solution for you. In many industries, this may include time indicators. 

Time indicators are simple, cost-effective indicators of a time driven event. This means they can be used to remind you to replace or service a product or part. We stock time indicators produced by Timestrip.

Timestrip VRM 30

Also known as the Vaccine Refrigeration Monitor, these adhesive labels are designed for products stored at (2-8°C). The clear display allows you to read at a glance when 10, 20 and 30 days have elapsed, allowing you to monitor shelf life. These have recently been used for time monitoring during vaccine storage. 

Timestrip VOR 12

Also known as the Vaccine Out of Refrigeration monitor, these disposable labels are ideal for time sensitive distribution of products outside refrigeration conditions. Vaccines, for example, often have a limited shelf life when removed from the 2-8°C temperature range. These affordable indicators track, irreversibly, an out-of-refrigeration event where vaccine temperatures ascend above 8°C and to monitor this accumulated temperature breach period for up to 12 hours. This affords confidence and proof that a vaccine has been transported appropriately and is therefore suitable for effective administration. 

Timestrip Time Indicators

These indicators are an economical and immediate solution to respecting any time-driven event. These single-use indicators are perfect for use on filters; parts with a limited usage window; equipment which requires regular maintenance, servicing or warranty; and many other scenarios. These reliable devices are useful in any sector, from medical to analytical, consumer to industrial. Various models are available, to indicate elapsed windows from 7 days to 24 months. They offer information and reassurance at a glance. 

If any part of your business relies on time-driven events, time indicators may be useful. Their application can offer peace of mind for consumers, operators and business owners that all parts or products are within their shelf life or servicing window. 

Our team would be glad to discuss your specific needs, whether it’s time, temperature, or something else your business needs to monitor. Please contact us for further information and advice.