A simple guide to our product categories: temperature indicators

Our approach has always been to offer expert advice in a comprehensible way. Simply put, we take pride in understanding the complex needs of your business and providing you with clear analysis and actionable solutions. 

Our team thrive on grasping your particular needs and finding the right device for each situation. That collaboration is our driving force, and though we’re grateful for the trust businesses from many industries place in our suggestions, we hope to empower businesses to understand why we’re suggesting those products.

To help equip businesses across all industries with some background knowledge, we’ve created a five-part series all about our products and the benefits they offer. This blog looks at temperature indicators. You can read about thermometers in our previous post. 

Temperature indicator labels are simple, versatile and cost-effective. They offer monitoring from very low to very high temperatures and offer visual reassurance at a glance. 

ETimestrip TC 489

This single use electronic temperature indicator is perfect for use in vaccine distribution and storage. It monitors the 2-8 ºC range and provides a clear non-reversible indication of a temperature breach in either direction using an LED indicator. This smart temperature indicator has NFC technology which allows users to access data on their smartphone!

Thermax High Temperature Indicators

These single-use temperature indicator strips are oil, water and steam resistant and perfect for use at high temperatures. The indicator strip irreversibly changes colour to show maximum temperature reached. Commonly used by the engineering and automotive industries, these high temperature indicators  assist in monitoring the temperature of moving components of machinery and automotive parts.

Timestrip Blood Temperature Indicators

These single use irreversible temperature indicators are designed to monitor the temperature of blood during transit. They can be applied directly to the blood bag, and offer a clear indication as to whether the cargo has exceeded a threshold temperature. These simple devices are invaluable in protecting patients and hospitals.

Timestrip Food Temperature Indicators

These temperature indicator labels offer a simple and cost-effective solution to ensuring that fresh produce is reliable monitored. They track temperature breaches so that businesses can be confident that their product is safe for consumption.


Timestrip VST 0°C, Timestrip VST 53°C, Timestrip VST Fridge Combi & Timestrip VST TTI

The four products in this temperature indicator range offer an essential kit to support hospitals, surgeries and medical laboratories to store and transport virus specimens. By providing accurate monitoring of specimens, these Timestrip devices ensure that test results are reliable. 

Within the range are devices specifically created to: monitor thawing, monitor the 53°C temperature breach which is crucial for some virus samples, indicate a period of 72 hours at 2-8°C passing, record a breach of 8°C – the upper chilled limit and the accumulated time-temperature history of a virus specimen during transport and storage. 

Temperature indicators are invaluable across many industries, and we are proud to have supplied them to clients in meat, chemicals, beverages and automotives. We stock a range of devices and can help you find the right one for your situation. Please get in touch to discuss how temperature indicators could help support the integrity and efficiency of your business.