A simple guide to our product categories: data loggers

Ever wondered how perishable goods on our supermarket shelves can still be so fresh and tasty after they’ve travelled halfway across the country, or even the world? It’s all down to the variables they face along the way, including time, packaging, handling and environment. A crucial element is temperature control. Too warm and they’ll spoil, too cold and they are prone to chilling injuries such as blistering. The same goes for medication, chemicals, metals, minerals, seeds and fertilizers, the list goes on… If the temperature and humidity are unsuitable or unstable, the product is likely to be altered unfavourably and not make it to market. 

It is therefore imperative to ensure that the cold chain is managed appropriately. If the product has degraded somewhere along the way we need to be able to track where, when and for how long this occurred. This is where a crucial monitoring device called a data logger comes in. In the next part of our blog series, we look at the ever-important category of temperature data loggers and how they can assist with your cold storage logistics. 

As the name suggests, a temperature data logger is a portable monitoring device which records and stores temperature readings over a defined period. Accurate and easy to use, we have a number of reusable and single-use USB temperature data loggers to suit your monitoring requirements.


Perfect for single-use shipments, this cost effective and simple-to-use device comes with NFC technology which allows you to download the PDF report via the Timestrip app, on your smartphone. 

Tempod 90S:

Crucial for dry ice shipments down to -90°C such as COVID vaccines, this single-use data logger with built-in USB has an internal temperature sensor which means that it can be placed inside the dry ice shipment close to the products, allowing for accurate and effective monitoring.

Tempsen Alpha TH 30 Reusable Temperature & Humidity Data Logger:

Designed for environments where temperature and humidity monitoring is vital, such as laboratories, this reusable logger with an unlimited operating life, offers temperature & humidity logging in one easy-to-use device. 

Tempsen iTag 3 PRO Single Use Temperature Data Logger:

This lightweight, credit-card size and compact device is specifically designed for recording time-temperature data for temperature-sensitive products, large or compact, in transit by sea or air. 

Tempsen iTag 4 Single Use Temperature Data Logger:

WHO-approved for high value pharmaceutical products, this data logger with USB connector has a useful and detailed LCD display indicating all vital markers, such as min, max and average temperature, alarm excursions and recording status.

Tempsen Tempod 100 X Low Temperature Data Logger:

This reusable technologically advanced device is used to monitor temperature-sensitive f pharmaceuticals kept at ultra-low temperatures (down to -100°C). A NIST traceable calibration certificate is supplied with each device, validating its accuracy.

Tempsen Tempod 30 Reusable Temperature Data Logger:

For monitoring temperatures from -30°C to 70°C, this reusable USB-connected data logger can be used for various applications including storage in small containers factories and warehouses as well as insulated packages during distribution. 

Whether it’s from farm to table, laboratory to clinic or mine to factory, we simply cannot afford to compromise on quality. By using an effective and efficient temperature data logger we are able to analyse data throughout the entire cold chain to resolve issues in a timely manner and ensure the safe delivery of your valuable cargo.