Vaccine monitoring made easy with our new products

The correct storage and handling of a vaccine is absolutely critical to maintain its potency. To ensure this, the cold chain must remain unbroken, from the point of manufacturing until it is administered to the patient, as exposure to temperatures outside of a safe range may result in accelerated degradation to instantaneous deactivation – both of which are not visibly evident. The need for accurate and reliable temperature monitoring systems is critical as it is crucial to ensure that the products are safe, potent and ready to use to guarantee audit compliance and patient safety.

While the transportation and storage of vaccines offer the greatest challenge in terms of environmental variance, any stage of the cold chain may lead to a failed audit or product degradation and, therefore, should be monitored. At Temperature Monitor Solutions Africa, we understand the importance of monitoring vaccine storage and transportation, and the necessity of accurate temperature monitoring throughout the vaccine’s lifecycle.  Now, more than ever, as COVID-19 vaccines are to be distributed, our range of new products will be able to offer you just that.

Timestrip VRM 30

The Timestrip VRM 30 is a time indicator that will monitor vaccines at refrigerator temperatures (2-8°C) for up to 30 days. The device indicates when 10, 20 and 30 days have passed, making it a suitable solution for the management of a range of vaccines. The VRM 30 is designed to automatically compensate for any changes in temperature and responds quickly when warmer conditions are indicated.

Timestrip VOR 12

The Timestrip VOR 12 was developed to track an out-of-refrigerator event where vaccine temperatures ascend above 8C the VOR 12 indicator will alert the vaccine administrator if an 8°C threshold has been breached and will indicate this for up to 12 hours.

eTimestrip TC489

The Electronic TC489 Timestrip Complete is a single-use electronic temperature indicator which monitors temperatures between 2-8°C. The device uses a set of three coloured LEDs to provide a clear, irreversible indication of upper and lower temperature breaches, as well as normal operation. Additionally, it uses NFC technology that allows users to access data using their smartphones. This is a simple, cost-effective and powerful product!

Tempod 90S

The Tempod 90S is a single-use, ultra-low temperature data logger which monitors temperatures down to -90°C.. It enables the monitoring of COVID-19 vaccines in dry ice conditions during distribution and has a built-in USB port which allows for simple product configuration and data downloading. A huge advantage of this data logger is that it is probeless and has an internal temperature sensor, which allows one to simply place the device directly into a container of dry ice during vaccine transportation.

If you would like more information about any of the products mentioned, our team at Temperature Monitor Solutions Africa would be happy to help. Contact us today.