Set up your temperature monitor with ease

Berlinger is a trusted, global company that provides high quality temperature monitoring solutions to businesses in various industries. They have a myriad of products on offer: data loggers, electronic indicators, chemical indicators and configuration software.

We are proud to be distributers of this forward thinking brand and primarily distribute their fridge-tag range. The use of these accurate temperature monitors has changed the way many companies deliver their products, and are simple enough to use.

We’ve broken down the steps to activate a Berlinger temperature monitor. We have chosen to specifically focus on the Berlinger Fridge Tag 2 to illustrate how easy it is to set up your temperature monitoring device.

Set the date on your device

When receiving your Berlinger Fridge tag 2 it should be in sleep mode and the screen should be blank. To activate the device, simply press the buttons “set” and “read” for more than 3 seconds and a date setting should appear on screen in the form of a standard dd/mm/yy format.

Setting the date will help when correlating information and capturing it for data purposes. This is done simply by using the READ button to adjust the numbers. Every time the READ button is pressed the flashing digit will increase by 1. Continue to press it until the desired number is reached, and then press the SET button to keep it in place. If you should accidentally pass by your desired number, just continue to press the READ button and it should take you back to the desired place.

Set the time on your device

The time setting on the device should appear automatically after the date has been set. The time will be set in the same way as the date – by use of the READ button to choose a certain number and then the SET button to secure it.

The LOC function on your device

This term will appear on your device for a period of no longer than 10 minutes to indicate that no temperature readings will be recorded during that period to avoid inaccuracy. This will occur when:

  • The activation of the device is completed
  • The last button has been in operation
  • Whenever you connect the device to a PC/ Mac

Where and how to place your Fridge Tag 2 device

When purchasing your device, make sure to check whether the occasion calls for an internal or external sensor. If you are monitoring very low temperatures, below -10C it is best to use a Fridge Tag with an external sensor. For temperatures warmer than -10C, a Fridge Tag with an internal sensor is suitable. The set up of these devices will differ depending on where the sensor is located.

External sensor

In the case of an external sensor, place the sensor in its predetermined location two hours before activating the device. It is important to place the external sensor in the centre of the refrigerator for an optimal temperature observation and to avoid any incorrect measurements when starting the device.

Internal sensor

As soon as your device has been activated, it is ready to be placed. Make sure to do this immediately as it will start to take a reading of the area and this may affect your temperature findings.

As you can see, the temperature monitoring process is simple. It is possibly the least complicated way of enhancing the quality of your products. This information has been gleaned from Berlinger’s existing user manuals.

If you have any further questions about this or any of the other devices we stock, we are happy to assist you. Our FAQ page is the best place to start, or you may contact Samantha directly at