Trust Timestrip with your temperature monitor solutions

Results speak louder than promises.

People are, understandably much more inclined to place trust in products which have been tried and tested. With temperature monitoring this becomes even more important as health and safety are often on the line. That’s why we only stock brands that deliver safely and consistently. Our suppliers, Timestrip and Berlinger, have proven results and statistics which you can feel confident in.

Knowledge is power, so we’d like to teach you about Timestrip products through considering case studies of companies successfully using their technology. Their monitors are applied across a number of different sectors.


Superior Foods

This food distribution company has sixty years’ experience in providing the finest seafood to restaurants across five US states. To maintain the highest degree and quality throughout transportation, the company needed assistance with their shipping. They specifically sought a method for monitoring the temperature conditions of fresh salmon shipped in their Signal Case™ shipping boxes.

Timestrip created custom indicators specifically for the Superior Foods containers. These provide a clear visual indication if the threshold temperature of 8°C has been exceeded for two hours or more. The indicators are adhesive, so easily applied to the containers of the salmon being shipped and can be monitored with a glance.


This US company operates 300 trains daily over 21,300 miles to 500 destinations in 46 states. On long distance routes it is important to offer a high-quality Food and Beverage (F&B) service, meeting all appropriate health and safety standards. Unfortunately, Amtrak predicted a loss of just over half their costs through F&B revenues in 2017. They urgently sought to address this through the improvement of customer service, cost reduction, maintaining the quality of F&B provision and the application of a Timestrip® Solution.

Timestrip time and temperature indicators (TTIs) were introduced within the company’s cold chain management systems. These ensure that all food is transported and stored at appropriate temperatures for safe consumption. They can also limit excess spoilage through accurate measurements for small batches, so an entire pallet would no longer need to be discarded if only a small section of produce had breached safe conditions. According to Timothy Corbett, Amtrak’s manager of Special Projects MD, this has saved the Los Angeles hub over $337,000 in one year.


ICP Medical LLC

This leading infection control and prevention manufacturer serves hospitals and medical facilities around the world. Their main objective is to boost hospital hygiene compliance through detailed improvements.

The brand released a range of Rapid Refresh™ hospital privacy curtains to curb contamination of materials with deadly and costly Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI’s). Dangerous bacteria such as methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA) and Clostridium difficile (C. diff) have a fast contamination rate, so it is important for surfaces to be cleaned or replaced regularly to prevent their spread. The ICP Medical LLC therefore required an indicator as to when curtains needed to be changed.

Timestrip time indicators were added to the curtains. These gradually fill with colour during the recommended life of the curtain, so once the bar is coloured in the material should be replaced. This has provided a safe, hygienic solution for hospitals everywhere.


LUX Assure Ltd

LUX Assure is a leading chemical monitoring technology company in the oil and gas industries. They provide products to monitor chemicals which are difficult to detect, and work with operators to provide data for management to make informed decisions about the integrity of their oilfield assets.

Their headquarters and main research facility are in Scotland, but LUX Assure has agents interacting with customers worldwide from the Americas, Middle East, Malaysia and Australia. The company needed a reliable way to monitor for temperature / time breaches while products were in storage. They previously used single-use data loggers, but these required computers and training to read reports.

Timestrip solved this by attaching a small but distinctive Timestrip smart label to the packaging of their product. This provides a clear indication if storage conditions are breached during storage and transport.

Product Line Manager Jenni Howe says “Timestrip labels on the product packaging instantly reassures each operator that the kits have been stored correctly until they begin to use them.” She now feels confident that they are in good working condition up to the end of their six-month shelf life. The financial benefits of replacing the data loggers has been significant, with cost savings of £16 per shipment on average.

These are only a few examples which illustrate the effectiveness of Timestrip products. We are proud to be associated with this brand and look forward to continue to distribute this solution to the greater African continent.