Using Timestrip indicators to complement data loggers can protect produce and profits

We are proud to stock Timestrip products, as we believe in the high-quality solution they offer at an affordable price. There are many situations and industries for which they are perfectly suited and offer an alternative to data loggers. However, there is also a complementary role for them to play alongside data loggers in particular circumstances.

Timestrip temperature indicator strips are far more affordable than data loggers. They are simple to use – with no complicated unit return programme required they can be effectively applied by almost any employee. Timestrip labels offer a simple visual reassurance to the company or individual receiving the shipment that unacceptable or dangerous temperatures have not been encountered. They are also environmentally friendly, as they require no batteries and contain no electrical components. Although single use, they are compact to dispose of, whereas cumbersome data loggers which are also often disposable are larger and have a greater impact on a company’s carbon footprint.

Data loggers offer a wealth of information. They are a valuable tool for businesses when transporting temperature sensitive goods. They can provide the entire history of every temperature recorded throughout a given period, for example during the course of transportation.

Despite their obvious benefits, due to cost and form, companies usually only place one data logger in each container during transport. As such, if the data logger records an unacceptable temperature, the entire container must be considered compromised. This can lead to unnecessary waste, with associated cost to the company.

By comparison, the small flat design of Timestrip and relative affordability means they can be stuck to each case, or even onto individual units. As a result, if the data logger records a temperature breach, the Timestrip indicators can confirm whether this has been recorded at each case or unit level. Consequently, the expensive circumstance of disposing with entire shipments can be prevented, as only the products which Timestrip indicators have recorded as having actually been exposed to adverse temperatures need be rejected.

We highly recommend incorporating Timestrip indicators into your transportation model as a complementary product to data loggers. The combination of these two products can lead to significant cost savings for exporters, and also increased accountability giving your clients greater confidence. With a Timestrip label attached to each case or unit, the company receiving your shipment will be reassured that all of the product has been protected.

For more information on Timestrip products, or advice on how they could be incorporated into your business, please feel free to contact us.