And the awards for 2022 go to…

Our product portfolio guarantees maximum flexibility for temperature measurement. From the simplest to the most intricate we are able to meet your temperature monitoring requirements. At Temperature Monitor Solutions Africa we provide you with user-friendly, cost-effective products that help manage the complexity of your world, with a service that exceeds your expectations.

As we come to the end of 2022 we look back at the Top 3 Best Selling solutions we have provided.

#1 Best Seller for 2022 – Timestrip PLUS TP065







Many products, from medication and vaccines to citrus and wine, are adversely affected by temperature and need to be monitored for temperature abuse. Timestrip PLUS indicators record irreversibly how long an item has spent above a maximum temperature threshold.

Our number one Best-selling product this year has been the Timestrip TP065. This small indicator records up to 8 hours of cumulative threshold breaches above 8⁰C during a total monitoring period that can be hours, weeks or months.

Timestrip TP065 can be attached directly to a product, package or shipment and each indicator has a unique serial code for traceability. Different models are available in the Time indicator range – view our full range on offer here


#2 Best Seller for 2022 – Tempsen i-Tag 3 (15 day)









For monitoring products for several days during distribution, whether it be seafood or insects, pharmaceuticals, or fresh cut flowers, with a simple, cost-effective device, customers chose the i-Tag 3 data logger with a recording time of 15 days.

Monitoring shipments the world over is easy with the i-Tag 3 (15 day) as it is qualified for air transport under active status and the built-in USB Connector enables quick connection with a PC anytime, anywhere – no cable and reader required for downloading data. Making it easy for the end-user to share the report with the sender.

All you need to do is press the button to start and place it into the shipment to be monitored, with temperature logging programmed to record every 3 minutes. The i-Tag 3 (15 day) logger will begin to accurately monitor the temperature parameters throughout the cold chain applications. Moreover, its compact design will minimize the space occupied in shipments.


#3 Best Seller for 2022 – Berlinger Fridge Tag 2








The Fridge Tag 2 is the intelligent temperature monitoring solution for the continuous monitoring of sensitive products, stored in 2⁰C – 8⁰C environments.

The large OK/Alarm indicator on the display enables immediate decision making, also giving you a month’s worth of data available in one glance, whilst accurate temperature data from the last 60 days is presented in a PDF report. The report is automatically generated when the device is connected to a PC, without additional software.

The Fridge Tag 2 is a high-precision data logger and comes with NIST calibration traceable to ILAC recognised international standards.

The internal sensor has a measurement precision of ±0.5⁰C and measurements occur every minute throughout the entire monitoring time. This guarantees faultless and extremely accurate measurement results.

At TMSA our product solutions allow you to manage the cold chain across the medical, pharmaceutical and food industries while our product range also extends to  the chemical, automotive, agricultural, and industrial sectors. Our solutions are simple, reliable, and accurate with a focus on giving you great service!


Contact us to find your perfect solution and make 2023 your best year.