Our Top 3 Best-Sellers in 2021

And the winners are …

The Temperature Monitor Solutions Africa range of solutions serve various needs in the industrial and business sectors. From indicators to data loggers to real-time monitoring, our devices help encourage peak operational performance, product quality and general productivity in your business.

Discover our top 3 bestselling devices in 2021, what makes them stand out and how they can benefit your business:

Top Best Seller for 2021: Berlinger Fridge Tag 2

This ultra-precise temperature monitor for refrigerators, has the ability to show if a product has been exposed to temperatures beyond the WHO (World Health Organisation)-approved pre-set alarm limits of above +8˚C and below -0.5˚C. It has an operating lifespan of 3 years and a USB interface that can generate a PDF document for ease of data tracking and handling. This device also shows the minimum and maximum temperatures from the last 30 days, as well as the time duration of any violation.

Used predominantly in the Government sector, we are proud to say that all vaccines in Community Health Centres in the Western Cape, KZN, Gauteng, North West, Mpumalanga and the Free State provinces are monitored by the Fridge Tag 2, ensuring that vaccines are safe to administer to those living in both rural and urban communities of our country. 

Second Best Seller for 2021: TIMESTRIP TP 065


Manufactured by Timestrip Ltd, the Timestrip PLUS indicators record elapsed time above 8°C. Self-adhesive and able to be attached directly to a package, product or shipment, this ascending temperature indicator is small, reliable and effective. These temperature indicators can be stored inert at room temperature and activated without requiring any pre-conditioning. 

Often used in the pharmaceutical industry during the distribution of cold chain products the product is a simple, low-cost, high-quality solution to ensure that valuable medication is not compromised during transportation. 

Third Best Seller for 2021: Tempsen Tempod 30 Reusable Temperature Data Logger

The reusable temperature data logger from Tempsen is a best seller for a number of reasons including its measurement accuracy of 0.3°C, its USB connector, password protection and up 5 alarm ranges. Added to this, is a replaceable battery which gives this device an unlimited operating life. The Tempod 30 is preferred for cold chain and environmental temperature monitoring by businesses from across industries. Timestamps are available for events that need special attention during shipment.

Technology keeps progressing and we keep moving forward with our solutions. Today, you can easily monitor and maintain all temperature-sensitive areas of business operations even at a distance. There’s so much peace of mind to be gained from using our products. Find out more about our products in our online catalogue and partner with us to optimise your business even further in 2022.