Indicator, data logger or thermometer? Whatever your temperature monitoring needs, we’ve got something in our range.

At TMSA we’re driven by our commitment to offer simple solutions for complex business needs. We personally research all products before we stock them, so every single device can be purchased in confidence. That scrutiny of each supplier and solution means we’re also perfectly positioned to help solve whatever needs your business has in terms of temperature or time monitoring. If we stock it, we believe in it and know when, where and how it should be used. Our catalogue spans five broad categories so we can solve all of your needs.

We stock time indicators, thermometers, temperature indicators, real-time monitors and data loggers. Carrying all of these distinct ranges allows us to meet the needs of businesses in pharmaceuticals, food, medicine, agriculture and mining. Our team will always suggest appropriate products from the relevant range based on your specific needs.

Time Indicators

These simple devices are simple and cost-effective. They are often used to chart the limited lifespan of a product or device. If a part, machine or substance must be replaced or consumed within a fixed time frame, these indicators offer a visual reminder. We stock several different Timestrip Time indicators and can explain the different benefits in relation to your specific circumstances.


Numerous industries rely on the accurate measuring of temperature. Whether that’s of fridges, people, produce or chemicals, it’s vital to have effective devices to gather those readings. We stock thermometers by Berrcom, Vici and Zeal. Between them, they offer measuring of infrared surface temperatures, fridge and freezer temperatures, ambient temperatures, and temperatures of liquids.

Temperature Indicators

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Across many of the industries we work with, temperature is vital. Whether it’s transporting vaccines or storing consumables many businesses must consistently monitor their stock. We offer indicators from Thermax and Timestrip. Within our range of cost-effective temperature indicating labels there are devices which can monitor extreme readings in both directions of heat and cold. We’ve sourced reliable devices which are cost-effective and can help you decipher which is most appropriate for your needs.

Real-Time Monitoring

We understand that some businesses need remote monitoring of temperature, humidity and even location of stock. We provide devices by Fridge-Tag and IKhaya Automation Systems which can meet all of these demands. They offer real-time notifications via SMS and email, offering you an instant update on the status and conditions of your product.

Data Loggers

It can be crucial to monitor temperature while products are in transit or storage. Data loggers are designed for this situation, and we stock both single-use and reusable devices. These products from Berlinger, Timestrip and Tempsen are all easy to use, accurate and reliable. They feature a USB connection for secure download of information and without the need for software installation

We’ve always been proud to join businesses as their temperature monitoring supplier of choice. For us, it’s not about selling products but rather on building long term relationships It’s our pleasure to offer expert advice and collaborate with you to find perfect solutions to your needs. Please contact our team to find out more about our ranges; we’re confident we’ll find an answer for your situation.