Doctors improve patient care with Berlinger vaccine safety temperature logger

Clinical materials like medicine and vaccines are expensive, and their preservation is key for caregivers to operate with maximum efficiency. The facts that materials need constant cold chain management, are produced in small amounts, and have to be distributed to a large market increase their value and the cost if something goes wrong.

Caregivers look after people, not clinical materials

Doctors want to focus on their patients, rather than keeping track of vaccines and medicines. That focus is broken when they have to spend time giving attention to complicated data loggers and drug profiles. They therefore need simple methods of storing and monitoring clinical materials ensuring vaccine safety.

The solution is simpler than it looks

Berlinger data loggers – specifically the Fridge-tag® 2 – are the solution to the different risks that arise from poor storage and temperature maintenance of various vaccines. This device focuses on efficiency, vaccine safety and ease of use for clinical materials handlers. The measured monitoring of storage environments allows caregivers to fulfil their responsibility to their patients first and foremost. The Fridge-tag 2 provides you with electronic temperature monitoring during storage with a USB port for ease of data transfer. The device is placed immediately next to the goods to be monitored and the temperature values are tracked and recorded by the Fridge-tag® 2 sensor.

Berlinger Fridge-tag® 2 is more than just a quick fix

The Berlinger Fridge-tag® 2 can be installed, quickly, by anyone. Again, this frees up time so caregivers can focus on patients rather than technology. It takes approximately one minute to set up and comes with comprehensive installation instructions.

As all caregivers must comply with the use of data loggers, the Berliner Fridge Tag offers an economical and efficient solution to fulfill a legal requirement, without complicated software. The device also has audible and visual alarms which alert providers to any problems during storage – another measure to ensure vaccine safety.

All’s well that ends well… for vaccines!

With the use of proper equipment, clinical materials can be stored and maintained properly. The Fridge-tag® 2 calibration certificate is valid for up to three years so organisations need not upgrade or replace often, and benefit from lower operational costs.

We are proud to distribute this world-class product and we’d love to assist you in becoming more health and safety conscious by purchasing one. Get in touch with us today to find out more about the Fridge-tag® 2 on 083 415 6815 or send an email to