Product innovation and the history of temperature monitors and indicators

Temperature monitoring and the sensations of hot and cold are fundamental to how we experience the world, yet finding ways to measure temperature has challenged many great minds. Heat is a measure of the energy in a body or material — the more energy, the hotter it is. However, unlike physical properties of mass and length, heat is difficult to measure. For many industries though accurate measurements of temperature are vital. Especially during transportation, it is critical for industries including pharmaceuticals, medicine, cold chain management for fishing and fruit industries, to have the technology and instruments to accurately assess and record the temperature of products. This is where innovation comes in.

The thermometer as we know it was invented during 1612 in Italy by Santorio Santorii. He sealed liquid inside a glass tube, and watched how it the mercury moved up the tube as it expanded. A scale on the tube made it easier to analyse the scope of changes, but the system lacked precise units. In 1821, Thomas Johann Seebeck discovered that a voltage is created when the ends of dissimilar metals are at different temperatures from each other and joined and create one volt.

Discoveries and improvements are still being made, with the ultimate aim of being able to ensure absolute accuracy of temperature monitoring devices. Berlinger and Timestrip pride themselves in remaining at the forefront of cutting-edge technology so they can give our clients the best value. In an industry that has no room for error, it’s reassuring to know that on-going research is being done to continually refine the technology and ensure that temperature monitors and indicators will consistently perform to perfection, eventually with imperceptibly small margins of error.

“Surely we’ve done enough?” you might ask, but there are four factors that demand constant innovation in temperature control and monitoring. These are: stringent regulatory requirements across the globe, growing value of pharmaceuticals, customer demand and emerging markets with extreme temperatures. We’re already tapping into how we can address these drivers. For example, real-time data tracking is now possible – minute to minute updates – and the concept of reusable packaging is emerging slowly but surely.

Our range of Timestrip and Berlinger products are manufactured by specialists in their fields and we are proud to be associated with them.

Temperature Monitor Solutions Africa developed as a result of identifying a space in the pharmaceutical distribution market. We are constantly introducing innovative new products for use when packing temperature sensitive items – helping you to manage your cold chain more efficiently. Browse our products online or get in touch to find out more: