Timestrip, technology and temperature monitoring

Temperature monitoring and products like Timestrip are enigmatic subjects to anyone not directly involved in the industry. To unpack some of the mystery, temperature monitoring, exactly as the name implies, is the monitoring of temperatures in different fields including pharmaceutical, medical, fishing and fruit. Timestrip, less obviously, is one of the products available to complete these checks. We pride ourselves on using world-class tried and tested products that deliver the best results in the most efficient and reliable way. That’s why we use Timestrip.

Timestrip is an agile technology business that designs and manufactures time and temperature indicators. To date, they have manufactured and sold over 100 million products to customers worldwide including 3M, Tesco, Whirlpool, Parker Hannifin, Siemens and Febreze. Timestrip works in the following industries: food, healthcare, life sciences and pharmaceuticals. Each product is designed with a specific problem-solving component in mind.

The Timestrip products that we fully endorse and consequently offer to our clients are:

  • Timestrip Plus:
    This will monitor temperature over the course of days, weeks or months depending on your needs. It will tell you how long a product has been exposed to higher temperatures.
  • Timestrip Plus for Food:
    These monitoring labels make tracking temperature breaches a simple and cost-effective process. It is appropriate for a range of cold chain food industry applications.
  • Timestrip Blood Temp 10:
    This specialised indicator is designed for monitoring blood temperature during transit from a highly controlled blood bank environment to a different location, such as a hospital.
  • Timestrip Plus Duo:
    This indicator meets the World Health Organisation (WHO) specifications for monitoring vaccine temperature. It reflects the temperature tolerances for different vaccines, and also monitors the supply chains for medicines and other products for which the temperature/time threshold is relevant.

Earning and maintaining the trust of our clients is our first priority, which is why we work according to our values of integrity, commitment and service excellence. Part of upholding these principles means offering the best possible products on the market. If you’re interested in any of these products, please contact us on 023 626 1068 or email samantha@tempmonitor.co.za.