Top three SA temperature monitoring industries

Temperature monitoring is, very simply, the science of monitoring the temperature of products in storage, use or transportation to ensure that they maintain their soundness and effectiveness in various industries. Temperature monitors, also known as temperature indicators, are portable devices that autonomously record temperature over a period of time. At TMSA we use Timestrip and Berlinger monitors both of which offer a great range of products.

Temperature monitoring in South Africa has three primary areas of focus: pharmaceuticals, fishing and fruit. The methods and technology are of course also used across a wider spectrum of industries, but these three are the key trades.

Fresh pharmaceuticals

Monitoring temperatures in a pharmacy is a non-negotiable. Every pharmacy has committed to the highest quality drugs and standards of consultation. There are a standard set of regulations for the sound practice of medicine that must be adhered to, and this includes regulations regarding temperature monitoring. The reality is that medication and vaccines stored at the wrong temperature can have fatal outcomes.

Something fishy

Not storing or transporting seafood at the right temperature can result in viruses, harmful bacteria, chemical substances and parasites infecting the food. These may cause diseases ranging from diarrhoea to cancer. Despite the fact that a large number of shops, restaurants and food industry organisations are close to the coast, temperature monitoring remains important in this sector as seafood and seafood products are prone to contamination from the time of catch.

Forbidden fruit

The importance of monitoring the temperature of fresh fruit cannot be stressed enough, not only in local instances but particularly in the import and export industries. In the last year there has been concern in the South African fruit industry over a large amount of fruit, and money, being lost because of breaks in the management of temperatures resulting failures following that. With fruit exports totalling as much as 50% of all agricultural exports from South Africa, this is a serious issue.

If your company operates in any of these fields and you aren’t quite sure about the state of your temperature monitoring instruments, or whether you have any at all, then get in touch with us. We are proud to be associated with Berlinger and Timestrip, the temperature monitoring products we use, and we would love to help you. Contact us on 023 626 1068 or email us at today.