Vaccines just right: not too hot and not too cold

Vaccines are quintessential to the saving of lives and prevention of illnesses in children and adults alike. However, if they are not stored and transported correctly they lose their effectiveness and more critically, lives can be lost. Vaccines are critically sensitive to excessive heat and excessive cold, and unless these elements are monitored their effectiveness becomes a hazard.

Temperature Monitor Solutions Africa (TMSA), that’s us, is primarily concerned with the temperature and provision of temperature monitoring solutions. It’s our highest priority to ensure that our clients are given the highest guarantee of top-quality equipment. One of the most critical industries where this is concerned is in pharmaceuticals.

The temperature at which a vaccine is stored affects its potency and consequently its safety. There are some vaccines that should never be frozen; these are liquid formulations of aluminium-based vaccines specifically against diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, hepatitis B and haemophilus influenza. That said, in both developed and developing countries these vaccines are subject to sub-zero temperatures. This is not always due to faulty mechanics but it can occur in transportation where vehicles are exposed to these extreme temperatures.

When vaccines are frozen that shouldn’t be, the potency and effectiveness can never be restored. If the vaccines are then still administered they can cause severe reactions. According to the Centre for disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the general recommended temperatures for transportation and storage of vaccines are between 2⁰C and 8⁰C with a target of 5⁰C. This is not a big margin. This is where our equipment plays a big part – and temperature monitors are just the start.

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