How temperature monitoring solutions can save businesses time and money

There is little to no room for oversight when running a business that includes time-and-temperature sensitive processes within mining or automotive sectors or inventory like fresh produce, dairy or medical products. Human error is often the cause of loss or damage in almost all industries. When processes and functions are automated, businesses can significantly reduce the room for error and often increase productivity, quality and output.

Organisations also should consider external factors and obstacles beyond their control. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought a wake of restrictions which affects limitations on in-person contact, transportation and asset or product management. Remote working has become a reality for many companies, including our own, since March 2020. The possibility for human error, compounded with unchartered ways of working, means that businesses, now more than ever, need help in navigating process efficiency without losing or spending too much more time and money.

A large group of our customers only go to the office once a week. How can they do this, you ask? Who is managing their risks and assets? The answer is they are. Remotely and in real-time.

With significant advancements in cloud technology, the efficiency of temperature monitoring systems allows the transmission of temperature readings to be transmitted automatically in real-time to a control unit which then communicates with a cloud-based platform and secure database. This automation eliminates the need for human intervention (or even human presence) and manual temperature recording, saving you time and money. Say goodbye to writing down the wrong number or forgetting to record the data at all. Say hello to spending more time innovating and improving your products, processes, and performance.

Let’s explore some of the devices in the TMSA stable that can help you optimise your business and save time and money.

The Ikhaya Real-time monitoring systems can alert you to electricity or Wi-Fi outages through either Wi-Fi, cellphone signal or IoT. You can also do more than merely detect failures; for example, you can reduce electricity costs by tuning up cooling equipment. Suddenly you have a myriad of solutions and savings with the help of only one real-time temperature monitoring device.

When exploring solutions tailored to your business, you can consider benefits like connecting to a wireless network at no additional data cost – a principal feature of the Ikhaya Wi-Fi Temperature & Humidity Logger – offering a reduced monthly service fee when compared to traditional real-time systems, which rely on cellular network SIM cards. In the same breath, the Ikhaya VM 1000 Real-Time Monitoring System offers a wireless option that allows you to monitor temperature and humidity in real-time. Both are valuable additions to any controlled storage, incubator, server room or processing plant.

The Flashlink 22371 Real-Time 3G Temperature & Humidity Reusable Data Logger and Flashlink 22362 RTL Prime In-Transit Data Logger help you automate the monitoring and recording of multiple conditions like location, temperature, humidity and light, which in turn allows you the freedom and flexibility to make immediate cold chain management decisions without opening vehicle or storage doors and compromising the controlled conditions.

At TMSA, we help you employ simple, innovative technology and solutions to provide a real-time window into your business. Time and temperature monitoring devices can help you monitor critical variables from anywhere in the world via the internet and get accurate results for increased quality control, reduced losses, more in-the-bank savings and improved efficiency.