How Temperature Monitoring Solutions Can Solve Logistics Challenges

Despite the tremendous advancements in the logistics sector – food and medicines are still transported at irregular and unsuitable temperatures and in improper conditions. This points to the very reason why temperature monitoring is crucial for logistics. Temperature monitoring systems help you to monitor, track, control, and regulate the temperature of an environment, ensuring that products reach their destination in fresh, stable, and usable conditions.

To address and combat your intricate temperature monitoring challenges, TMSA hosts a range of products perfectly suited to the proper management of temperature. Featured in our range, are three DeltaTrak systems that take advantage of the emergence of the latest innovative technology in condition-sensing or multi-sensing; allowing you to take a holistic approach to time and temperature monitoring.

There are several challenges facing the transportation and storage of goods that need to be in a temperature-controlled environment. Whilst all TMSA’s products address your temperature-monitoring challenges to varying degrees, the three DeltaTrak systems we are featuring here, address specific challenges that are faced in the transportation and storage of products.

Instant Notifications and Alerts

With responsive notifications and alerts, you can recognize temperature discrepancies to resolve the situation before delivery. We know that this is a vital aspect of your business, and the DeltaTrak 22362 RTL Prime In-Transit Logger assists directly with this challenge. It not only monitors location, temperature, and light but is also ideal for shipping fruit in a container/truck. Now you can know if the container doors were opened on the trip (light sensor), know the location, and view the temperature (current & historical) – all without needing to open a door or crack a seal – allowing you the agility of making critical decisions about your cold chain management in a flash.

Data Recording & Data Access 24/7 (wherever you are)

Data recording plays a vital role in logistics and means that you have access to the most current data at any time, wherever your product shipment is on its way to its destination. Manage expectations and risks with the DeltaTrak 22367 RTL Prime 3G-2T In-Transit Logger which has been purpose-built for ocean container shipments to allow you to monitor temperatures in real-time – in the front & back of 15m ocean containers with one external sensor and one internal sensor. All data gathered is sent to a cloud service and can be accessed on a web app or a mobile app, with all temperature data available 24/7. So, rest assured, you can monitor your shipment without compromise and ensure the quality and integrity of your product.


If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution that monitors temperature, humidity & location during storage and transport, with data automatically uploaded to cloud service – the DeltaTrak 22371 RTL 3G Temperature & Humidity Reusable Data Logger is your preferred system. It is more important than ever to have holistic visibility and data analytics of your product during transportation and storage and the innovative technology of multi-sensing allows you to monitor multiple conditions of your products in real-time with holistic analytics – putting the power of critical decision-making in your hands.

In logistics, there is typically a chain of parties (suppliers, distributors, retailers, consumers), who need to know the status of goods being transported, especially temperature-sensitive goods. Our time and temperature monitoring solutions, including the newer multi-sensing systems, not only monitor the time and temperature but also records the data and transfer it to multiple profiles providing inclusive visibility.

Staying true to our mission of providing simplified solutions to your business’s complex challenges we believe that time and temperature monitoring systems should be able to integrate a variety of sensors; accommodate all current major regulations; be adaptable for new and future regulations and be deployable in any industry to be of real value to any business.

Through instant notifications, alerts, data recording, 24/7 data access, analytics and multi-user access our range of time, temperature and multi-sensing monitoring solutions can help your business achieve ideal storage and transportation condition monitoring for the highest quality control and productivity.