Food on the move? Monitor it!

In the food exporting industry, temperature monitoring is essential. Whether it’s meat, fish or fruit and vegetables, it’s vital that their temperature can be accurately logged throughout transit and storage. This is because the quality of the food is directly related to the conditions it is maintained in. If the optimal temperature range is breached, food will perish and can even become dangerous. 

It is crucial that businesses in the food exporting industry can prove that their goods have been kept at an appropriate temperature. Credible and complete records are essential to meet health and safety regulations and allow the goods to be sold and consumed.


At TMSA we are proud to supply devices which help businesses in the food exporting industries to protect their products, customers, and business integrity. We recommend the TempSen ITAG3 and ITAG4 for use across the industry. These data loggers are single use, so there is no chance of cross-contamination between different food items or shipments. 



The TempSen ITAG3 and 4 are also popular for use during the transport of consumables by air or sea. They are watertight and generate an encrypted PDF report on arrival without requiring any software to be downloaded. They are compact, perfect for being fitted into containers or boxes where space is limited. 







For example, our client, Eswatini Meat industries, uses the Itag 4  for their export shipments to Norway. Jon Williams, the CEO advises that “the biggest benefit we find is having a temperature record for the sea freight portion of the journey to Norway. The shipping companies we use do not share the temperature data for their reefer containers, but our customers need that data to be reassured that the product shelf-life has been preserved during the voyage”. 

Given the growing demand for worldwide access to exotic foods all year round, there is an increasing need for meat, fish, fruit and vegetables to travel. As food moves over longer distances, technology to protect quality becomes indispensable. 

Though food hygiene standards and regulations vary globally, it is imperative that all food is monitored accurately during transit and storage. We can provide many solutions to this need, including but not limited to the TempSen data loggers discussed above.

If you have any temperature monitoring needs, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We have collaborated with growers, distributers, and stockists of food products for many years and are experienced in finding the appropriate solution for each scenario.