Understanding your temperature monitoring requirements better

We understand that temperature monitoring can seem like a complex maze, which is why our tagline is ‘Simplicity in the midst of complexity’. It is our pleasure to clarify the products available and explain which is best suited to each situation. We understand that regulations can be difficult to interpret, and that’s why we’re not just a supplier, but a partner for the temperature monitoring side of any business.

We regularly receive enquiries from businesses who are not yet sure of what they need. Our team takes pride in gaining an understanding of each caller, getting a grasp of their industry and requirements, and then making appropriate recommendations. However, knowledge is power and we are keen to inform our clients as well as serve them.

For that reason, we’d like to offer some insights to help you get to grips with your temperature monitoring needs. We hope this will give you a greater sense of control, and ensure that you’re clear on the user friendly and cost effective product options we offer.

Temperature is monitored in the distribution or storage of products. In either of those circumstances, there are four categories of temperature monitors which can be used:

  1. Thermometers – a device which shows the current temperature, on an analogue or digital display.
  2. Temperature Indicators – a label which indicates when a product has been exposed to temperatures which are too high or too low.
  3. Temperature Data Loggers – a device which logs temperature for a certain period and offers reports of the temperature over that time which can be downloaded.
  4. Real-Time Temperature monitoring – a device that records temperature and notifies you immediately by SMS or email when a product is exposed to too high or too low temperatures.

With thermometers and temperature indicators, you must physically check the device. In the case of a thermometer, this will tell you the current temperature. In the case of a temperature indicator, this will let you know if ideal warmth or cold has been breached. Temperature Data Loggers offer greater detail, allowing you to see all of the temperatures that products have been exposed to, over a period of time. Real-Time Temperature Loggers go one step further by notifying the user remotely and in real-time of a temperature violation, hopefully allowing you to act fast and prevent product wastage.

We think it’s useful for clients to run through the following list of quick questions, to get an initial idea of what they might need. This gives you some expectation of what our team might recommend, and allows you to understand their advice better.

For enquiries concerning temperature monitoring during distribution:

  1. Are you looking for a single use or reusable temperature monitor?
  2. Is a temperature indicator which tells you whether a breach of a particular temperature has occurred sufficient, or do you require something more detailed?If yes, a temperature indicator would serve you. If you require more information, a temperature data logger would be more appropriate.
  3. Do you require real time notification if such a breach takes place? If yes, you need real-time temperature monitoring.

For enquiries relating to temperature monitoring during storage:

  1. Do you need to monitor one or multiple fridges?
  2. Is a downloadable report of temperatures over a given period, sufficient? This provides proof of temperatures recorded throughout that time. If yes, a temperature data logger would be appropriate.
  3. Do you require real-time notifications immediately, as and when a particular temperature is breached? If yes, you need a real-time temperature monitor.

The answers to these questions help us refine the search for your ideal solution. By having them at hand, you can play a more active role in ensuring that we give you the right device for your circumstances. Though we’re the experts on temperature monitoring, you’re the expert on your business, so it’s crucial that we can communicate successfully in finding you a solution that meets your requirements.