How TMSA can help your business achieve optimal cold-chain management.

Temperature monitoring is essential in managing product quality and process efficiency, regardless of industry or sector. We at TMSA appreciate assisting many businesses in diverse industries with our temperature monitoring products. We specialise in distributing a range of innovative time and temperature monitoring solutions when packing temperature-sensitive products to manage your cold chain more effectively. Our select range allows you to track, monitor and document temperatures at every phase of the cold chain – ensuring clarity and transparency for every delivery of your high-quality, sensitive products.

We trust the experts. Because our products are often essential components in your cold chain management, we carefully select our suppliers and partners to ensure only the best technologies and leading-edge innovations. Our partners, suppliers and products go through a rigorous selection process to provide the highest level of quality and innovation. It is paramount that we solve your temperature or time monitoring needs in a tailored approach; this is why we research, scrutinise, and believe in each product before adding it to our range.

Our specialised products help maintain cold-chain integrity across various industry verticals and use-cases, from medical, pharmaceutical, and food to the agricultural, automotive, chemical, and mining industries. From indicators to data loggers to real-time monitoring, our devices support peak operational performance, product quality and general productivity in your organisation.

  • Our data loggers are ideal for monitoring the temperature of products in transit or storage and situations where temperature excursions (both high and low) compromise product quality and we have some interesting applications where our data loggers have been used. For example, our client in Namibia uses our data loggers to monitor the temperature of cement from time of pouring to setting, to ensure integral quality control and prevent structural weakness. 
  • Achieve the highest level of quality control with our real-time temperature monitors. For example, the temperature in a meat or dairy processing plant directly influences the shelf-life and quality of the end product. Our clients can receive real-time notifications via SMS and email so that they can act immediately on any excursions which could lead to huge losses in product quality and subsequently a loss in revenue.
  • Our temperature indicators are suitable in situations where monitoring temperatures and ambient environments are critical. Vaccines are unfavourably sensitive to excessive heat and extreme cold. So, the conditions during their manufacturing, storage and transport need to be carefully monitored and regulated to prevent ineffectiveness and even hazard. From pharmaceutical applications through to the engineering and automotive industries our temperature indicators assist in monitoring a variety of moving components.

Apart from striving to offer you user-friendly, cost-effective products that meet your requirements, we are passionate about building deep and enduring relationships with our suppliers and clients and pride ourselves on personalised customer service and training. We offer in-person training and alternative training materials like explainer videos and easy-to-follow learner manuals that are rewritten specifically for our South African market thus adding to the value of our offering.

Our customers are at the heart of our business and we are committed to providing a fast and professional service always.

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