Infrared thermometers: Instant temperature readings without risk of contamination

COVID-19 has caused a rush on many things, including fear, thermometers, and regulations. Luckily, we’ve solved one of these with a couple of brilliant infrared thermometers to help you monitor the temperature of everyone in your workplace (and of course, at home too), and hopefully to bring down the fear as a result. Fever is a key COVID-19 symptom, so being able to check the temperature of anyone with symptoms or who may have been exposed to an infected person is crucial for containing the pandemic, protecting individual health and, as a business, meeting government requirements. In these uncertain times, health is of paramount importance, so we’re proud to offer top quality devices which will give you warnings to act, or peace of mind that all is well.

We’ve chosen to stock two brands with quick, easy to read measurements. Both the Penrui JRT 200 and the Pacom medical PC 868 simply need to be held a few centimetres away from the forehead and will provide a reading within a second or two (model specs vary, further details available on our website). They also have surface or object modes, so can be used to check the temperature of any number of things, not just people.

These non-contact thermometers are more hygienic, and in fact can be used again, immediately, on different employees. Unlike ear thermometers which require a change in disposable cap, or beneath tongue and armpit thermometers which must be sterilised in some way, with infrared thermometers you can take the temperature of many people back to back. This is especially useful in office situations, where you may need to check multiple staff members as they arrive in the workplace.

The Pacom medical PC 868 stores 99 measurements, so it’s easy to check back over previous readings. Both have high fever alerts and colour coding to communicate safe, borderline, and dangerous (as well as precise temperature readings in Farenheit or Celsius). Neither model involves any assembly, and both run on 2 x AAA batteries.

We’re confident that we’ve found two good quality infrared thermometers and thought the process behind our selection might be of interest. As with all of the solutions we provide, we take great pride in stocking only products which we truly believe in. We do the research, so that you can be confident in using, and trusting, the devices we provide.

When deciding which infrared thermometer models to stock, we look for quality and the appropriate certification. We consider the status of the manufacturer, including their professionalism, experience in the industry, and even the way they present themselves online via their website, as this can give an indication as to the quality of their devices. We then carefully peruse the manufacturer’s certificates for any product we are considering, to check that the organisation complies with the necessary quality assurance standards for manufacturing and exporting.

All of these certificates, including CE which covers, health, safety and environmental protection, ISO 9001 which covers a quality management system and ISO 14001 which covers an environmental management system as well as certificates relating to the restriction and disposal of electronic equipment, such as RoHS and WEEE are relevant in our decision making. Export compliance is also important, and we will also consult the MOFCOM certification of any manufacturer we may stock.

Once we are satisfied by the manufacturer, we turn to the device itself. We are always looking for quality solutions which are efficient, accurate, and reliable. In the case of these thermometers, we were looking for precision of temperature readings and ease of use. To understand the devices appropriately so we could stock them with confidence, we researched the product specifications and compared them to similar models. Both of our chosen brands impressed us through these investigations.

Please remember that it is legally required for companies to screen workers when they report for work – for “any of the observable symptoms associated with Covid-19”, listed as:



sore throat

redness of eyes

difficulty breathing

An infrared non-contact thermometer will make life much easier in complying with this process.  Contact us if you’d like any further information about these or any of our other products available for sale during the lockdown period.