The relevance of temperature monitoring to all industries

The temperature monitoring industry is one that services many different business spheres. While you may have a general idea of the kinds of goods we monitor, we decided to focus on specific companies which we partner with regularly. We are certain that there may be one or two interesting insights into temperature monitoring applications on which diverse industries have come to rely.

AB InBev

The alcohol industry is arguably one of the largest and most influential of all and AB Inbev is one of the most well-known companies in the industry. This amalgamation of top international beer manufacturers includes Oriental Brewery in South Korea, Grupo Modelo in Mexico and South Africa’s own SAB. It was established out of a shared common goal: to bring people together and form long-lasting relationships over quality beer.

AB InBev makes use of data to stay on top of market trends as well as deliver the best quality product to their customer. This dynamic approach is applied directly to their temperature monitoring strategy.

To quote Harinder Singh, Global Director of Data Strategy & Solution, ‘AB InBev uses IoT technology to monitor the temperature in millions of beer coolers around the world to ensure their product is being stored and served at the optimum temperature.’ He goes on to explain that due to these advances they are able to produce a better product overall.

In terms of delivering on quality, they have come a long way from the refrigerated brewing carts which were used to transport beer in the 1800s. AB InBev makes use of a custom Timestrip Complete card, which indicates temperatures that descend below 0C and ascend above 30C. This is used to monitor the temperature of products used in their laboratories.











Edge Manufacturing

Cosmetic products may seem trivial in the grander scheme of things, but this is a global industry with a large turnover. Edge manufacturing supplies businesses with specialist products, most notably cosmetic wax strips. The high-quality wax strips supplied were the first ever to be manufactured in the southern hemisphere and are transported globally. In order to guarantee the integrity of the product is maintained, they use the Timestrip Plus 30C for the monitoring of the temperature of cosmetic wax strips during exports.

Swaziland Meat Industries Limited

Our partnership with Swaziland Meat Industries has grown out of our focus on servicing the African continent. SMI is located in Swaziland with its main markets there and in southern Mozambique. They also transport meat products to various other locations in the European Free Trade Area and the European Union.

These distant locations require effective temperature monitoring tools to ensure that the meat arrives at its designated destination well within a healthy time frame and temperature. In particular, SMI makes use of our most recent addition – the Tempsen Itag 4 for the export of their beef to Norway.

Mercedes Benz Commercial Vehicles

Last, but certainly not least, is the use of temperature monitors in the automobile industry. Mercedes Benz Commercial Vehicles use the Thermax Irreversible Heat strips to monitor the temperature of their truck engines to avoid overheating.

We hope that we have been able to expand your view on temperature monitors and their effectiveness in nearly every sphere. Learn more about the quality temperature monitors that we distribute by following this link to our product page.